Interns from Across a Variety of Disciplines are Making an Impact at one of North America’s Leading Corrugated and Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

Menasha Corporation’s Nationwide Internship Program Gives Students Hands-On Experience

Neenah, Wis….

Each year, Menasha Corporation, and its companies ORBIS Corporation and Menasha Packaging, host interns from across the United States in an annual summer internship program. The program is designed to give interns, who come from a range of academic disciplines, hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry as they complete a capstone project in their specialty.

The interns of today are our nation’s future leaders. Menasha Corporation and its intern managers know that this means we have a big responsibility and hand in shaping our future. We are invested in our interns’ success by setting goals and keeping a pulse on how the internship is going through regular check-ins, providing best practices to intern managers so they can help their interns be successful and immersing our interns in a variety of onboarding activities to give them insight into company culture, history and professional development. Interns at Menasha Corporation have gone to conferences, researched ideas and are working with Fortune 100 customers in their day-to-day activities.

This year, Menasha Corporation has 44 students from 25 colleges and universities participating in our summer intern program. Four corporate interns, 26 Menasha Packaging interns and 14 ORBIS interns at 16 company locations across the U.S. are gaining insight into Menasha Corporation’s culture, history, and professional development programs. Our program culminates with interns presenting their capstone to senior leaders highlighting their key projects and sharing what they value in an employer.  

Meet some of our interns and see the impact they are having across the organization and with our customers

Marshell Sukovich, Customer Support Intern

Economics major Marshell Sukovich is spending the summer working for ORBIS Corporation’s Customer Support team helping identify new approaches to a variety of processes and meetings.  Marshell is working on an audit that generates weekly reports to ensure customer orders over a certain threshold have the appropriate number of reviews, as well as assisting in the move to a newer version of SharePoint.

“Marshell is determined, motivated, and willing to take on all challenges,” said Jen Mueller, Director of Customer Support – Industrial, ORBIS. “We have thrown so many projects at him and he has completed each one with perfection and demonstrates a high level of professionalism.”

Gabrielle Philippon, Lead Process Intern

Engineering student Gabrielle (Gabi) Philippon is spending her summer at Menasha Packaging’s Neenah plant working with the Lead Process team on a series of short training videos for new hires. She is also managing the daily waste report, inventory on consumables for the plant, consumption of missed WIP (raw materials that are in progress), entering purchase orders and has assisted in AUTOCAD drawings and measurement verification for the Neenah modernization project.

“Gabi is highly efficient, super smart, and motivated,” said Troy Bomski, her supervisor and Lead Process Improvement Manager for Menasha Packaging. “I can’t say enough about her work ethic, attitude, and ability to learn new things.”

Gabrielle Koenig, Marketing Communications Intern

Gabrielle Koenig is a graphic communications and marketing major at Clemson University and is interning at ORBIS Corporation, assisting with event planning, social media tracking and audits, and general communications. Through her capstone project, Gabrielle provided creative support for the launch of a new learning and development program, ORBIS University.

“Gabrielle has been an integral part of our team this summer. She jumped right in to all her projects with professionalism and creativity,” said Samantha Goetz, Director, Marketing Communications for ORBIS Corporation. “Gabrielle was a tremendous fit for our team. She was responsive, outgoing, accountable, and a true asset for our team this summer.”

Kayla Fritsch, Logistics Intern

Supply chain major Kayla Fritsch was hired for a year-long internship within Menasha Packaging’s Logistics team. Kayla’s capstone project was to onboard a transportation management tool at Menasha Packaging’s PrePrint facility. The tool has already been driving freight costs down.

“Some of the most important skills we look for in an intern is the competitive drive to work hard and have a positive attitude. Interns who have enthusiasm about the work they are doing have the best opportunities and chances to grow,” said Kayla’s manager, Lucas Kaczmarzyk, Logistics Analyst for Menasha Packaging. “Kayla does a great job demonstrating these skills as she is very disciplined and eager to learn. Kayla is a hard worker who keeps her nose to the grindstone to get the job done.”

Gabby Westmoreland, Marketing Intern

Marketing major Gabby Westmoreland joined Menasha Packaging’s marketing team at a very exciting time… during a rebrand and launch of a new website. Gabby’s capstone project includes assisting in Menasha Packaging’s new brand launch across a network of locations across North America, as well as the launch of a new website.

“Gabby has been eager to be involved and is always willing to go the extra step in everything she does,” said her manager, Jill Epprecht, Marketing Manager for Menasha Packaging. “She is a great communicator, very personable and happy to connect with people throughout the organization to help us launch our new branding.”

Mason Morrow, Engineering Intern

Mason Morrow is a second-year engineering intern at Menasha Packaging working with the engineering team across a network of service sites. For his second capstone project, Mason is working on developing a SharePoint site for the department to bring companywide visibility to engineering projects and improvements, R&D initiatives, and updated equipment asset lists for improved utilization of network assets and resources.

“Over the last two years we have watched Mason grow and step up in big ways,” said Adam Van Hefty, Project Engineer for Menasha Packaging. “He always exceeds expectations and has been involved in many meaningful and high-impact projects.”

Trevor Bengson, Purchasing Intern

Finance major Trevor Bengson is working at Menasha Packaging with the procurement team working on a variety of purchasing projects, including indirect procurement projects, onboarding new waste services, running the annual hotel request for proposals, working on invoice exceptions and completing the RFP for internal and external signs.

“He is involved in so many projects that are helping our business save money,” said his manager, Gena Miller, Purchasing Manager for Menasha Packaging. “Trevor has a passion for numbers being a Finance Major and is interested in Business Law.  He loves to data mine and has learned how to use our SAP very quickly and is interested in contract review, terms and negotiation.  All key attributes to being a strong candidate for the purchasing internship.”

Drew Davis, Operations Intern

Finance major Drew Davis is working at Menasha Packaging’s 21G facility in Edwardsville, Illinois, as an Operations Intern, with a capstone project focused on streamlining processes.

“He is highly engaged and is not scared to get involved and to get ‘dirty’ in the process,” said Holly Hamby, Supply Chain Project Management manager and Drew’s manager. “He is self-motivated and asks great questions to learn all about the machines used on the floor.”

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