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The possibilities are endless. The power is yours.

Our internship opportunities provide hands-on experience, new connections, and potentially, the start of a rewarding career at one of the most successful, family-owned companies in the country.

Menasha Corporation comprises two companies that are leading the way to a sustainable future. Menasha Packaging and ORBIS are packaging manufacturing and supply chain services companies with over 100 facilities across North America and Europe. Our mission is to provide creative solutions for our customers, while reducing waste and limiting environmental impact. Many of our philanthropic efforts are focused on giving back to the communities where we live and work.

We partner with over 1,500 consumer brands, from global leaders to bold new startups. Providing internship and co-op opportunities to the next generation is an essential part of our business.

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2024 Campus Forwards Awards Winner
Menasha - Sara
“In our 2023 program, we had 56 interns located in 15 different locations throughout the enterprise.”

Sara Grauf
Campus Talent Acquisition Manager for Menasha Corporation

Menasha Packaging - Emily
“My internship has been a very valuable experience that I will not take for granted.”

Emily Iseli
Marketing Intern, Menasha Packaging

Menasha Corp - Matthew
“This would be an amazing place to start my career.”

Matthew Pavletich
Legal Intern, Corporate Office

Orbis - Philippe
“We sat down and went through what I wanted to get out of the internship. We came up with a great project that helps not just me but also the company.”

Philippe Ndagijimana
Lab Intern, ORBIS

Menasha Corp HR - Denise
“Fresh perspectives and new ideas help us from an innovation standpoint.”

Denise Starcher
Chief Human Resources Officer, Corporate Office

Menasha Packaging - Madeline
“You're never going to be going on coffee runs here. You're going to be working on real projects with real customers.”

Madeline Hornok
Graphic Designer and Former Intern, Menasha Packaging

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Why our internships matter.

Applying your educational experiences to a professional role can pave the way to a career and allow you to uncover your potential. As an intern, you’ll get the tools to be successful and learn new roles and responsibilities in a business or operations setting. You’ll work alongside mentors and industry experts who will help you grow personally and professionally, and you’ll be immersed, invested and an integral part of our team. Interns at Menasha Corporation get plenty of chances to explore career paths and make an impact in the workplace and in our communities through a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Headquartered in Wisconsin, interns join us from all over the country. Positions range from purchasing, supply chain, marketing and engineering to graphic design, structural design, and custom design co-ops.

Our local hiring managers and human resources representatives provide interns with a week-long orientation covering topics like safety and facility logistics, and you’ll be trained on our learning management system. Interns across the country are linked together through an interns-only, Microsoft Teams chat group where they can connect and share information.

We’re looking for passionate, curious people with excellent communication skills for our internships. If that description fits you, apply today.

An internship with Menasha Corporation typically begins in May and ends in August. Interns are required to participate in the Enterprise Internship Program and present a capstone project at the end of the summer. A student may or may not receive academic credit for performing the internship.

A co-op provides students with multiple, consecutive periods of work that’s related to the student’s major or career goal. Co-ops are typically six months in duration and designed for more technical positions in which there are longer periods to train students. Menasha Corporation typically recruits co-ops for the following positions: Structural Design, Graphic Design, and Custom Design (Engineering). Generally, students receive academic credit for co-op positions.

Our internship program typically runs 10-12 weeks in the summer but can last up to 12 months, depending on the position.

Our internships and co-ops are paid. We want to ensure that our interns have the resources they need to thrive. We look at multiple factors when determining pay associated with interns, including location and major.

Our internship positions are typically posted on our careers page in September until they are filled.

Our internship opportunities typically include all our functions, such as Supply Chain, Engineering, Procurement, Marketing, Human Resources, and Product Management.

Our co-op opportunities include Structural Design, Graphic Design and Custom Design (Engineering).

Local hiring managers and human resources representatives will work with you to help acclimate you to your new position and our company. You’ll be assigned a mentor and receive ongoing, job-specific training so you’re fully prepared and have all the resources you need.

Interns in action

The internship program at Menasha Corporation offers a wide range of hands-on experiences and opportunities to build professional and personal relationships.

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Want to be considered for a job after you graduate? Join our talent pool so we can connect when a job’s posted that fits you and your location.

If you have any questions about our internships, please email [email protected].

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